Quick reference cards for the daily Office - Sunday

There seems to be some interest in more of a cheat sheet for page numbers of the Office in the Farnborough Monastic Diurnal, so I'm going to have a go at providing something that may be of use.  If you have suggestions on alternative formats or content, do let me know and I'll see whether or not I can oblige!

Please note that this is not a substitute for working through my How to say the Office series - you really do need to become familiar with the structure of each hour and how the Office works to say the traditional Office correctly.  But once you have worked through that, having a cheat sheet at your side may be helpful (note also that this material now also appears in the summary section on each hour in the series).

Secondly, note that you still need to consult the Ordo for the relevant month.

Thirdly, the simplest way to print this is to copy it into a word document, and convert all text to black.

The Office on Sunday

Sunday Matins

Not found in the Diurnal, refer to the Monastic Breviary.

Sunday Lauds (at first light)

• Starts MD 37;
• Choose the appropriate psalm schema – for most Sundays during the year it is schema 1: Psalms 50, 117, (jump over 92, 99), 62, then canticle, Psalms 148-150;
• Choose the correct antiphons (including the number of them) as this varies by season (during the year is included in the Diurnal in the Sunday section);
• The hymn varies by liturgical season and time of year – for most of time after Pentecost it is Ecce Iam Noctis, MD 55 (skip over Aeterne rerum);
• The antiphon for the Benedictus is specific to the particular Sunday, check the Ordo for the correct page number;
• The collect (prayer) is specific to the particular Sunday, check the Ordo for the page reference.

Sunday Prime (early morning)

• Starts MD 146;
• Concluding prayers MD 8;
• Note that the ‘Capitular Office’ said in monasteries (including the reading of the Rule and the Martyrology) is not included in the Diurnal.

Sunday Terce (mid-morning)

• Opening prayers MD 151;
• Hymn Nunc Sancte MD 151;
• Select antiphon (said before and after psalms) for the season, MD 151-152 or feast (see Ordo);
• Psalms MD 152-154;
• Chapter and versicle of season, MD 154ff or feast (see Ordo);
• Closing prayers as at MD 154 (from Kyrie);
• With collect for the particular Sunday, see the Ordo.

Sunday Sext (noon)

• Starts MD 155;
• Use collect set for the particular Sunday, see the Ordo.

Sunday None (mid-afternoon)

• Starts MD 159;
• Use collect set for the particular Sunday, see the Ordo.

Sunday Vespers (evening)

• Starts MD 203 (opening prayer as on MD 1);
• Antiphons for the season or day (see ordo);
• Antiphon for the Magnificat (MD 209) is particular to the day, for the correct page number see the Ordo;
• Concluding prayers MD 210-11 with collect of the Sunday (or feast) - see Ordo.

Sunday Compline (before bed)

• Starts MD 257;
• Choose the appropriate Marian antiphon to conclude the hour (during the year, Salve Regina, MD 268).


expat said...

Thanks so much for this, Terra!
This is a great resource.

Taylor Marshall said...

I received the Monastic Diurnale for Christmas and this site is priceless. Thank you for all of your diligent work.

I'll be ready your whole site soon.

ad Jesum per Mariam,
Taylor R. Marshall

frwcffssm said...

Are any of the cards or instructions available as .pdf files versus trying to copy from the blog page? I do not comprehend what I read on a computer screen as easily as I do the written wod on a page.

Thank you,

Fr. William Fleenor

Kate Edwards said...

Dear Father,

If wish to join the tradben yahoo group, the PDFs are available there.


William said...

Hi Kate,
thank you again for this wonderful site I am learning so much from you. I do have a little question about the Schema for Sunday Lauds.
You mention that for the most time it is Schema 1 so following your psalms I have a question regarding the Canticle of the three young men is that included in what we read? if it is then I have it sorted!! if not it;s back to the drawing board for me.:)
and one final thing is there a time during the year when Schema 1 ceases to be used? Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and may God continue to bless you.

Kate Edwards said...


Glad you are finding it of use.

1. The canticle of the three young men is used throughout the year, regardless of the psalm schema.

2. You can find notes on when to use the two psalm schemas in the notes on Lauds, here:


Bianca Elliott said...

Thank you as well for this fine site. I have the MD from Lancelot Andrewes Press. The pages are similar and I wonder if there is a PDF to use with it as well. Thanks again.

Kate Edwards said...

Yes PDFs of the daily reference cards can be found in the Ben Office Help files section: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/BenOfficeHelp/info