Benedictine Ordo 2017-18

This Ordo is intended as an aid to those who wish to say the Benedictine Office using the order of the psalms and prayers as specified in St Benedict’s Rule and developed as part of the patrimony of the Order of St Benedict. It follows the calendar and rubrics provided in the Breviarium Monasticum summorm pontificum cura recognitum pro omnibus sub regula S. P. Benedicti militantibus, issued by the Abbot Primate at Rome on 1 January 1963.
Note that individual monasteries observe their own Ordos, and may use rubrics that differ somewhat from those specified in the Monastic Breviary. 
In addition to the feasts specified in the calendar, it will be necessary to add in any local feasts particular to the monastery, parish, diocese and country. In particular, this should include (where they have been appointed) the:
• principal patron of the country, region or province as a Class I;
• principal patron of the diocese or territory;
• anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral of the diocese;
• patron of the town or city;
• anniversary of the dedication of the church;
• titular feast of the church;
• patron saint of the congregation or monastery;
• feast of the monasteries founder (if canonised or beatified); and
• saints specified in the calendar of the monastery's congregation.
While the Benedictine Calendar generally follows the structure of the 1962 Roman Extraordinary Form (EF) Calendar, the monastic calendar omits some feasts to be found in the Roman calendar and adds others.  In addition, feasts may be of different levels: many third class feasts in the 1962 Roman calendar for example, appear in the Benedictine as memorials only.
Every effort has been made to make this Ordo as accurate as possible, but please do advise of any errors via the comments box or via email.

MD=Monastic Diurnal, Farnborough, 2005 and later editions
AM=Antiphonale Monasticum, Solesmes, 1934
LR=Liber Responsorialis, Solesmes, 1895
LH=Liber Hymnarius, Solesmes, 1983
SupAnt= Supplement to the Antiphonale Monasticum, Fontgombault (Clear Creek)

November 2017

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Saints and feasts of March
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Saints and feasts of September

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